Aimee is working in the studio on a new solo set.  She is designing an electronic drum section with FX pedals, and building rhythms to accompany fresh arrangements of her music, as well as writing new compositions.

Her album Wild was recorded at Retrophonics studios in St. Augustine, FL and was released in Fall of 2015.  It will be available for download soon.  You can read a review here from the revered Downtown Music Gallery in NYC.


Final mixing of the new record Wild is finished ! It is due for release this Spring.  Everything was recorded, mixed, and mastered in analog !

New videos of live performances from 2014 & 2015, as well as three beautiful additions of Phillip Stearns’ videos from the Forward To Nowhere album are now available for viewing here.


Aimee and Ian recently recorded their new album Wild, with Jim Devito, at Retrophonics Studios in St. Augustine, FL. Five songs were recorded to 24 track 2”. The mixing, which will take place in early November, will go to •” 2-track. Wild will be released on limited edition vinyl, and online, in Spring 2015. Aimee and Ian are currently looking for a label to support this release !

Aimee recently mastered tracks for Zoho Music’s Sly Reimagined compilation, due for release in 2015.


The new album Forward to Nowhere, is available here

Aimee is currently touring the Northeastern and Southeastern US with drummer Ian Cook . They are working on new material for their new record, which will be recorded at Retrophonics Recording Studios in St. Augustine, FL in September.


Aimee recently completed her fall tour with Ian Cook, in support of her new record release Forward to Nowhere. Aimee played her hybrid bass and electronics, with Ian on drums and electronics, and they toured through the Northeastern United States, in Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, and Connecticut. Aimee’s duo continues to play local and regional shows.
In the spring, there will be an EP video digital release of songs from the new album, with visual works by Phillip Stearns.


Aimee recently completed her Master’s thesis, Recording a Folk-Rock Record : Using Reverb Chambers in Post Production. She and Senem Pirler recorded and produced the 13-song folk-rock recording that accompanied the thesis.

Aimee N. and Senem Pirler recently finished producing and recording Aimee’s new full length cd, which will be released in Fall 2013.

Aimee continues to write and illustrate a music column for Tom Tom Magazine.

This summer, Aimee is going on a field recording expedition in France, where she will record the sounds of urban and rural landscapes, and gather impulse responses in various structures.


Aimee is currently working on a new solo music project with an emphasis on creating ambience by using acoustic spaces.  She is recording and mixing in 7.1 surround, and stereo.

She recently completed a series of ink drawings which are featured on hand-crafted screen printed T-shirts at Gals Rock in Paris, France.  They are available for purchase here.

She also writes and illustrates a romance column, titled Drum Machine Love, for vintage drum machines, in Brooklyn’s Tom Tom Magazine, a periodical dedicated to female drummers.

Aimee is creating graphics for musician Sandra Covin’s new CD cover.  She is also working on a series of drawings entitled Sweet Dreams, dedicated to various urban adventures.